FAQ about LED candle



How long can the battery work. The discharge time of our alkaline battery is 380 minutes.The discharge time of our carbon-zinc battery is 90 minutes.How long time can battery be used in LED candle ?Let us see the following pictures. After 31 hours. After 73 hours. After 98 hours After 169 hours. After 265 hours.

Can LED candle be outside in direct sunlight

Can LED candle be outside in direct sunlight LED candle is made of paraffin wax .The melting point of paraffin wax is 58-60 ℃ .Though we will add some accessory ingredient to make the product stronger, we don't recommend putting them outdoor in direct sunlight.Like any wax, the candle may melt when exposed to a lot of heat. 

How to operate LED candle with timer function

How to operate LED candle with timer functionWith "ON/OFF/TIMER"  switch located on the bottom of the candle.When you turn the "ON" button , the candle will light continuously.Then you can turn the "TIMER" button , and the 6-hour function will set. It will turn off after 6 hours and turn on again on the next day ,the same time.If you turn the "OFF " button, the candle will be switch off.If you have a remote-controller like this .You need to physically turn the " ON/OFF " button switch to  "ON"  first. Then with the remote ,click on the 8-hour function . The candles should blink to indicate that the timer is set. Then the 8-hour timer will be activated , it will turn off after 8 hours and will turn back on same time the next following day.CautionInstall batteries as indicated by the (+/-) polarity signs.Remove batteries which will not been used for an extended period of time.Never use different types of batteries.Never recharge non-rechargeable batteries.Never dispose the batteries in a fire.These actions may cause the batteries to explode.Do not throw away batteries , dispose of as small chemical waste.

How to operate LED candle

How to use LED candle?Inserting the batteries1.Open the battery compartment by pressing the lid lightly at the spot marked in order to release the catch.Then lift the cover.2.Install batteries into the battery compartment. Make sure that the polarities (+/-)of the batteries are inserted correctly .3.Push the lid over the battery pocket until it snapes into place.Operations1.To switch on the light, move the ON/OFF button next to the batteries into the "ON" positon . The light will then shine.2.To switch off the light, turn the same switch to "OFF".Important safety precautions1. This is a decorative product and is not a toy for children.2.Do not operate near gas or electric heaters , open fires .3.Do not mix old and new or different types of batteries.4.Ensure batteries are inserted in the correct polarity.5. If the lights will not be in use for seven days or longer it is best to remove the batteries.