What is paraffin wax , physical and chemical properties of paraffin wax , classification of paraffin wax , application of

paraffin wax ,hazards and aid measures of paraffin wax


Brief introduction of paraffin wax

What is paraffin wax?

Paraffin wax is a white or colourless soft solid derivable from petroleum , coal or oil shale .

Physical and chemical properties

Appearance: white

Physical state: solid

Odor: Characteristic waxy odor

Specific gravity: (water=1.0)0.87-0.92

solubility in water :  Negligible

Melting point : 58-60 °C

Flash point :  > 190 °C


According to the degree of processing refinement , paraffin wax can be divided into all-refined paraffin , semi- refined paraffin wax and crude paraffin.

According to the melting point (generally every 2 °C) , each type of wax can divided into diferent varieties , such as 52 , 54, 56 , 58 #


Crude paraffin is mainly used for making matches , fibreboard ,canvas ,etc.

Refined paraffin wax  is widely used for food , oral drugs and some goods (candles , crayons, wax paper, general telecommunications equipment and light industry , chemical raw material) .

Hazards and aid measures

 Refined paraffin wax is not classified as dangerous goods according to EC/1907/2006(REACH)&EC/1272/2008(CLP)


1.Exposure to umes from melting operations may cause irritation.

2.Contact with molten material will cause thermal burns.

More information about aid measures , please read the MSDS report of paraffin wax provide from our suppiler.